PEP: Parent Enrichment Program

South Orange Country Day School is proud to work with the community of families to enhance the experience of all students at our school. Parent Enrichment Program (PEP) was developed by engaged families that wanted to create a network of families to have fun, as well as support families raising young children. We all worry about potty training, setting boundaries, bed time rituals, etc. Sharing ideas with other families can be reassuring and helpful.

SOCDS Health Update

Attached please see the updated SOCDS Health Policies Fall 2022 as of September 2022 and updates for your reference.

SOCDS Calendar

This is a list of SOCDS Calendar Dates for your reference is here:  2022 Calendar
We also have a list of celebrations 2022 that we discuss in the classroom.  Please review and let us know if we are missing anything or if you would prefer a different approach.

SOCDS School Supply List

Here is a list of School Supplies for 2022/23. Supply List 2022/23

Please let Ms. Annemarie know if you have any questions.

Simply Gourmet Lunches

We are so fortunate that Simply Gourmet Lunches has agreed to provide lunch for our students on an a la carte basis.   This is the welcome email. Welcome Letter Simply Gourmet 2022 It includes instructions on how to sign up and once you make an account you can order your child’s lunch directly.  There are daily menu suggestions, but many other options including vegetarian.


2022-2023 Executive Board

  • President — Abigail Cuffey (Stevie’s mom)
  • Treasurer — Justin and Carrie Eagle (Declan’s dad and mom)

    The best way to reach the Executive Board is to email Abigail directly, her email is or  leave a note in the PEP box.   Please remember this a volunteer organization and immediate concerns can be addressed to Ms. Annemarie here.



PEP is proud to support South Orange Country Day School by supporting the class parent structure, as well as small fundraisers.  The goal of PEP is to build community among all families at SOCDS. In September for the start of the school year PEP will sell SOCDS Spirit T-Shirts, collect annual membership dues, and plan for the school year events.


Ms. Annemarie sends out a weekly email with details about the school activities on Friday afternoons.  If you do not receive it please reach out and make sure she has the correct email address.

Parent Guidelines

The handbook covers the following:

  • Everyday Policies and Procedures
  • Policies on Safety
  • Policies in Child Welfare
  • Policies on Health
  • Administrative Policies
  • DCF Information

Click here to download the SOCDS Parent Guidelines 2022