PEP: Parent Enrichment Program

South Orange Country Day School is proud to work with the community of families to enhance the experience of all students at our school. Parent Enrichment Program (PEP) was developed by engaged families that wanted to create a network of families to have fun, as well as support families raising young children. We all worry about potty training, setting boundaries, bed time rituals, etc. Sharing ideas with other families can be reassuring and helpful.

PEP Pizza Cupcake Spirit Day

SOCDS celebrates birthdays as a monthly group the last school day of the month.  We all eat a pizza lunch and have one small cupcake (we accommodate all allergies.)  PEP will collect the fee to participate.  Here are the calendar dates for 2019. PEP Pizza 2019  (Please note that the previous calendar had the first Pizza Day for Monday September 30th, we have moved that to Friday, September 27th so that it does not conflict with families celebrating Rosh Hashanah.)  Sorry for the confusion.

Fairy Lunch Mother Delivery Ordering Information

PEP has organized to have lunch delivery using Fairy Lunch Mother.

How It Will Work : The FLM will consult on the menu, manage the orders through her website, and ensure quality and allergy information provided by parents are followed.  Valley Fresh will prepare and deliver the meals to SOCDS

What You Need To Know: The attached menu for January is now available on the Fairy Lunch Mother website.   This menu is purposefully limited in order to facilitate the transition to Valley Fresh, but the intent is to broaden selections over time.  We would like to ensure the process runs smoothly before they do this!  The cost of each meal will be $5.  Future menus will offer add ons, additional daily options, enrichment snacks and drinks to the menu.

How to Participate : New customers will need to create a login on Fairy Lunch Mother website etc.  Here are Perla’s sign up instructions:

1.     Click Sign Up from the homepage.  
2.     Enter “South Orange Country Day School” (After a few seconds, the name should appear after entering the first few letters, e.g. “South”)
3.     Directly below, select Student.
4.     Directly below, click Submit.
5.     Complete the form on the next page. If you choose to upload a profile picture, that is the picture that will appear with a testimonial, should you choose to leave one. The password must contain 8 letters and at least one capital letter and one number. Here, you can create profiles for each child.
6.     An activation email will be sent. If you don’t see it in your inbox, check your Spam folder. Open the email, click to display images/content and click the activate button.
7.     You will be brought back to the homepage to log in.

SOCDS Calendar

This is a list of SOCDS Calendar Dates for your reference.  SOCDS Calendar 2019

SOCDS School Supply List

Here is a list of School Supplies for 2019/20.   Please let Ms. Annemarie know if you have any questions.  2019 School Supplies



2019-2020 Executive Board

  • President — Sara E. (Henry)
  • Treasurer —

    The best way to reach the Executive Board is to email or  leave a note in the PEP box.   Please remember this a volunteer organization and immediate concerns can be addressed to Ms. Annemarie here.

Class Parents

Class parent contact information will be updated for Fall 2019.



PEP is proud to support South Orange Country Day School by supporting the class parent structure, as well as small fundraisers.  The goal of PEP is to build community among all families at SOCDS. In September for the start of the school year PEP will sell SOCDS Spirit T-Shirts, collect annual membership dues, and organize the monthly Pizza Cupcake Spirit Day Lunch (a fee is charged that covers the cost).



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The handbook covers the following:

  • Everyday Policies and Procedures
  • Policies on Safety
  • Policies in Child Welfare
  • Policies on Health
  • Administrative Policies
  • DCF Information

Click here to download the Parent Guidelines 2019