Class Updates

SOCDS 2021 Art Show




SOCDS 2020 Art Show

Looking for Signs of Spring

Ms. Patricia Shows Us What to Look For

Ms. Linda Shares Her Garden with Us

Ms. Linda, Ms. Johanna, Ms. Irma, and Ms. Jackie Explore the Campus

Ms. Imali’s Coloring Books

Ms. Imali’s My Garden

Ms. Imali’s Bug Book

Ms. Imali’s Seasons Book

Ms. Imali’s Complete ABC Book

Ms. Linda Reading Portals

Three Billy Goats Gruff and Ghost in the House

Penguin Problems and Hush, Baby Ghostling

Little Whale and Llama, Llama Red Pajama

We Don’t Eat our Classmates and Monster Stew

Where the Wild Things Are and Quick as a Cricket

There’s a Nightmare in my Closet and Little Bear’s Birthday Soup

Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett and Lion and Mouse

I Miss You Bear and Magic Hat

My Truck is Stuck and Julian is a Mermaid

Hello, Biscuit and Be Kind

Mouse Shapes and Grumpy Cat

Arthur’s New Puppy and Buster

Jacob’s New Dress and Rotten Teeth

Corduroy and Trouble in Barker’s Class

Yoon and Llama, Llama Time to Share

Big Umbrella and Hello, GoodBye Window

How do Dinosaurs Play and We’re All Wonders

We All Love Pancakes and Noodles from Scratch

Frog and Toad

Earth Day Special: Ms. Patricia

George and Martha and Little Lion

One Step and Now the Other and Peppa Pig

Invitation and Jack and the Beanstalk

Falling for Rapunzel

28 Uses for Spaghetti and Round is a Mooncake

Colors and Quick as a Cricket

Leaves and I am Love

Ms. Patricia Special Reader – Butterflies

April Rain Song and Rain Talk

The Voice and It’s Okay to be Different

The Swing, Trampoline, and More, More, More Said the Baby

Ms. Patricia Special Reader — The Very Greedy Bee

Ourchester and Charlie Parker Plays Be Bop

Be Glad Your Nose is on Your Face and What do you do with a tail like this?

Because and Max and the Tag-Along Moon

Ms. Patricia – Garden Nutrients and The Carrot Seed

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening and One Afternoon 

Listen to the Mustn’ts and What do you do with an Idea

Ms. Patricia – A House is a House for Me

Dragons Love Tacos and My Mouth is a Volcano

All Over the World Dance is Joy and Ballerina Dreams

Please watch first before sharing with your child Peaceful Fights for Equal Rights and Most People

Imagine and We are all Welcome

I’m Happy-Sad Today and Ruby Found a Worry

Counting on Community and What Does it Mean to Be an American

Just Be Who You Are and Rita and Ralph’s Rotten Day

This is the Tree and Beach Tail

Not a Box and Harold and the Purple Crayon

Tabby and Tommy
Discussing our Feelings

Being Home and Taking Turns

Inviting a Friend to Play

Staying Connected

Interrupting Work

Instead of Slamming Doors

Morning Zumba

Ms. Jackie’s Morning Dance

Ms. Jackie, Ms. Irma and Ms. Imali Zumba

Like Hulk

Morning to You All

Zumba Outdoors with Ms. Jackie, Ms. Irma and Ms. Imali

Zumba with Scarves

Zumba with Ms. Jackie and Ms. Imali